ChilzStone Serving and Mixing Trays

This one-of-a-kind tray features a decorative Granite serving surface, within the base there is freezer pack insert that keeps the contents cool for hours. It is a convenient, safe, clean way to serve foods to your family and guests. It is easily cooled by putting the freezer bottle and granite insert in the freezer.

Never again worry about how you’ll keep your cold foods cold, during your next big game party, baby shower, or holiday family gathering. The Cold Serving tray comes with thermo-sensitive granite insert and freezer bottle insert which fits into the plastic base tray that allows the tray to cool down with no hassle. Simply place the granite insert and freezer bottle in the freezer before intended use with cold foods.

Along with using your ChilzStone for serving you can use it as a frozen mixing stone. Using your ChilzStone you can turn vanilla ice-cream into chocolate cherry Fudge brownie, or strawberry cheesecake. Add your favorite mix-ins and enjoy!

How is ChilzStone Made

Great For

  • Cheese platters
  • Chilled hors d'oeuvres
  • Chilled Fresh Shrimp
  • Mini-dessert treats
  • Fresh strawberries and other fruits
  • Mixed flavored ice cream (custom creations can be made on the Chilzstone)
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Sushi
  • Fruits
  • Veggies
  • Dips
  • Mushrooms

Features & Specs

  • A convenient safe, clean way to serve foods to your family and guests
  • Safely keep cold foods cold
  • No Cords
  • Granite and Freezer bottle can be chilled in the freezer
  • Measures 12" x 12" x 3/8 bottle is 9" x 7" x 1"
  • Chilz Stone keeps your cold food a desired temperature
  • Gross Weight 9 lbs
  • Made in USA
  • Perfect for all types of appetizers
  • Over all Dimensions of the tray 14" x 14" x 2"
  • Materials: Plastic dishwasher safe base 14" x 14" x 2"; Granite insert dishwasher safe 12" x 12"; Freezer bottle insert 9" x 7" fits inside the tray then put the granite insert in.
  • Keeps cold foods cold
  • Can be used as cold surface to mix your own ice cream flavors adding in - fruit, candy and other condiments to create your own flavors. (Suggest using mixing paddles)
  • Great for Parties, Weddings, Showers, Game day or other catered events


    Why We Love It

    " These are absolutely WONDERFUL (caps added by customer). In the past I would lay out shrimp on a bed of ice with the cocktail sauce in the middle and within an hour of starting our "get together" the shrimp would be laying in a puddle of water. Still cold but not as nice looking or appetizing sitting in a puddle like that. I would lay out a cheese plate of various cheeses and again well before the end of our party the cheese looked wilted, slightly melted, and would stick together. With this ChilzStone - no puddle, no mess, no wilt, no melt, and I've had things stay cold (I mean actually COLD) for 9 hours. AND I have been able to put meats, veggies, cheeses, dips and spreads, fruit, in bowls (if you don't want to just lay them out on the stone) and as long as I use a bowl that conducts the cold well, all of it stays cold for hours and hours. I LOVE THIS CHILZ STONE !!! I'm going to try the ice cream mix thing and then I'm going to try dipping chocolates - stay tuned."

    The hors d’oeuvres you worked so hard to prepare stay fresh and appealing with this thermosensitive tray – and you won’t have to worry about melting ice making a mess, either!

    The fantastic tray keeps food at its intended temperature. Great for serving up delicious goodies.

    A Cold MY home!

    I am a huge fan of Cold Stone Ice Cream, but it's so expensive! Now we make our own cold stone creations right at home. It's a ton of fun for our kids, and the ice cream treats are delicious.
    It's also been a great serving tray for keeping foods cooled. It really lives up to its promise. If you ever host dinner parties, then this is a must have.

    A PARTY ESSENTIAL...and its not beer!

    My husband and I enjoy entertaining by throwing cocktail parties with a variety of different appetizers. We would like to serve sushi and shashimi as well, though we never could keep the fish cold for the duration of the party, therefore eliminating a great Japanese theme party. My husband works in the food industry and was reluctant to serve raw fish at parties. Keeping a constant cold temperature is a food safety issue for fish and many items you have as appetizers. Then we found the Chilzstone Serving Tray! It is not only economical but it keeps all our meats, cheeses and fish products at a safe temperature and looks good while doing it. Now we dazzle our guest with our sashimi and sake bomb creations! We love our Chilzstone!